Stickman Hook: Swing through the city like a superhero! Use your grappling hook to navigate obstacles and reach the finish line in this thrilling game.

Stickman Hook – Swing Into Insane Stickman Platforming Action!

Get ready to put your grappling hook skills and platforming reflexes to the ultimate test in the wildly addictive world of Stickman Hook! Guide the iconic stickman character through hazardous gauntlets of spinning blades, crumbling platforms, and all manner of devious traps using only your trusty hook tool.

One Mistake is Fatal Despite his minimalist looks, the stickman hero of Stickman Hook is an incredibly fragile fellow. Brushing up against any hazardous obstacle like whirring sawblades or pools of burning liquid results in an instant rag-doll death sequence – messy and hilarious in equal measure.

Your only means of safely navigating each insanely perilous level is executing pinpoint swinging, wall-running, clinging, and aerial maneuvers by launching and retracting your hookshot line. You’ll need to string together seamless sequences of jumps, slides, and mid-air position adjustments to clamber across hazards.

The hook’s reach is limited too, often forcing you into creative detours and workarounds to progress past obstacles with no obvious way around. And just when you think you’ve got the hang of stickman parkour, the devious level designs kick it up another notch with rotating rooms to utterly disorient you!

Quick Restarts, Endless Challenge Stickman Hook understands its corridor runs are meant to be replayed over and over again until you achieve glorious hookshot mastery. Thankfully, progressive checkpoints and an extremely forgiving respawn system encourages you to fearlessly fling yourself into each new challenge without sweating permanent failing states.

Mess up the timing on a multi-hook swing sequence? Instantly restart right before the troublesome obstacle and give it another go. Accidentally wander into a sawblade? You’ll respawn at the last safe checkpoint in the blink of an eye. This snappy flow of constant restarts breeds an irresistibly addictive “One more try!” gameplay loop.

As you progress through Stickman Hook’s dangerously devious levels, the environments grow increasingly complex and maniacal. Industrial factories with shifting piston platforms, Saw-haunted junk yards filled with sliding trap floors, pirate ship facades riddled with swinging axes – every area finds new creative ways to push your stickman heroics to their limits.

Unlockable Skill Upgrades Struggling against a particularly merciless stickman challenge? Spend the collectible tokens you’ve gathered from runs to incrementally upgrade your stickman capabilities. Extra air control for adjusting mid-jump trajectories, slowed hazard speeds to help read obstacles better, and temporary hit shields can provide a solid crutch when needed.

More substantial permanent skills like the ability to wall-run, grapple swing while airborne, or unleash bursts of extra swing power become game-changers by drastically increasing your move repertoire.

Between Stickman Hook’s simple-yet-brutal gameplay hook (pun totally intended!), wickedly creative level design, and steady character progression, it masterfully lures players into an irresistible “just one more try!” loop. Easy to pick up but incredibly challenging to master, Stickman Hook delivers a stunningly pure, adrenaline-fueled platforming experience unlike anything else!

How to play Stickman Hook:

The Goal

  • Swing the stickman as far as possible by shooting your grappling hook and swinging from platform to platform.


  • Tap on the screen to shoot the grappling hook towards the next platform.
  • As you swing, tap again to detach the hook and launch towards the next platform.


  • Time your shots well to maintain momentum and get into a good swinging rhythm.
  • Swinging back and forth will build up speed and distance.


  • Avoid spiky objects, electrical beams, and other obstacles that will make you crash.
  • Time your shots carefully to swing over or under these obstacles.


  • Collect coins along the way to unlock powerups like jetpacks, magnets, and shields.
  • Powerups give you an advantage to swing further.


  • Spend coins on permanent upgrades like stronger grappling hooks.
  • Upgrades enhance your stickman’s skills.

With practice, you’ll be able to master the timing and physics to complete longer swings and get higher scores. Just remember to take breaks as this addictive game can keep you hooked for hours!