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American Touchdown


American Touchdown: Experience the thrill of American football! Run, pass, and tackle your way to victory in this exciting sports game.

American Touchdown – The beads of sweat trickle as the deafening roar of the crowd rains down. It all comes down to this – one final drive with the championship on the line. A lifetime of preparation has led to this moment. Will you call the perfect plays and go down in gridiron folklore? The pressure is peaking as you take the field in American Touchdown!

This is more than just a Sunday afternoon couch coach simulator. American Touchdown puts you right in the heat of the action with true-to-life football drama. Select an all-time great like Montana, Unitas or Manning to lead your franchise under the Friday night lights. Master fluid touch-based controls across 25 playable teams as you push the tempo and dictate the action across shifting formations designed by real NFL analysts.

Nail the thrill of last-gasp goal line stands, incredible showstopping catches and game-winning field goals. Live out your NFL dreams in this arcade-style 11 v 11 football experience brimming with highlights and hard hits. Progress through a grueling full season and playoff schedule to cement your status as a gridiron legend!

But the competition is ruthless. Study opponents for weaknesses then exploit mercilessly. Bring complex strategies of fakes, bluffs and blitzes that keep rivals guessing your next move. Triumph in the endotzone at all costs! Relentless 4 quarter drives. Heart pounding overtime clinchers. This is more than just a game. This is American Touchdown!

How to play guide for American Touchdown:


  • Select plays: Tap playbook to choose from offensive formations and plays.
  • Pre-snap: Audible, flip plays, or hot route receivers.
  • Hike: Touch screen or button to start the play.
  • Pass/Throw: Drag to target receiver, tap to throw.
  • Rush: Use virtual joystick to move, juke buttons to evade.

Gameplay Modes:

  • Exhibition: Single game vs computer or other player
  • Season: 16 game schedule to reach the playoffs.
  • Dynasty: Manage draft picks, trades, contracts across seasons.


  • Touchdowns: Running or passing TD worth 6 points.
  • Extra Point/2 Pt Conversion: Kicks or runs after TD worth 1 or 2 points.
  • Field Goals: Successful kicks through uprights worth 3 points.

Use football IQ to read defenses pre-snap. Perfect timing in the pocket. Show pinpoint accuracy delivering passes. Lead your franchise to glory in American Touchdown!