Angry Gran Run: A game character running through a cityscape, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins in this endless runner game.

Are you feeling stressed and need an outlet for your pent-up frustration? Look no further than Angry Gran Run! Step into the shoes of a feisty and rebellious grandma as she rampages through the city streets, armed with her trusty walking stick. This endless runner game is guaranteed to bring laughter and chaos to your gaming experience.

The Goal: Run, Rampage, and Score Big

The objective in Angry Gran Run is simple – keep running through various neighborhoods, construction sites, farms, and more, while causing as much destruction as possible. Swipe to change lanes and tap to wallop inconvenient objects with your stick. The longer your run, the higher your score. But beware of vehicles, animals, and other hazards that can abruptly end your rampage.

Unlock a gang of unstoppable grannies with unique abilities as you progress in the game. Meet Granny Ruth, who excels at long jumps, or Barrett, the granny who easily knocks down obstructions. Upgrade their skills, speed, and jumping power to dominate the city. And don’t forget to dress them up in crazy outfits for added flair.

Endless Laughter with 3D Visuals and Absurd Physics

Prepare to giggle uncontrollably as Angry Gran Run immerses you in its cartoony 3D visuals and exaggerated physics. The game’s humor is further enhanced by the sheer amount of destruction you can unleash upon the city. From mailboxes to hot dog stands and even innocent animals, nothing is safe from Granny’s wrath!

How to Play Angry Gran Run

  • Tap the screen to make Granny jump over obstacles, smash objects, and attack enemies. Timing is key!
  • Swipe left or right to change lanes and avoid vehicles or hazards.
  • Collect coins along the way to unlock new grannies, outfits, and upgrades.
  • Fill up the Fury meter and unleash a few seconds of gratifying destruction by tapping furiously during Fury mode.
  • Complete missions such as causing a specific amount of damage or running a certain distance.
  • Upgrade your grannies to enhance their speed, increase coin collection range, and boost other stats.
  • Dress your grannies in fun outfits like pirates, ballerinas, or cowboys.
  • Aim to run as far as possible before crashing into an obstacle or being attacked by enemies.
  • Hop on buses, tractors, and other vehicles to hitch a ride, and jump off to continue your smashing spree.

With intuitive controls, Angry Gran Run provides a hilarious and anarchic gaming experience suitable for everyone. Tap away and unleash Granny’s fury upon the unsuspecting city. Are you ready for the mayhem?

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