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Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack Unblocked


Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack Unblocked

Are you ready for some burger-themed adventure? Join Papa Louie and his quirky customers as they embark on a platforming journey to save the day in Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack Unblocked! The popular restaurant owner has a new challenge on his hands as his tasty burger recipes have come to life seeking revenge. With its charming visuals, accessible gameplay, and humorous storyline, Papa Louie 2 is a delightful serving of family-friendly platforming goodness.


In this exciting game, you must run, jump, and unleash your smashing skills to defeat the living burgers and overcome environmental hazards like flames and coals. Traverse through burger-themed worlds, including Burgerburgh and Calamityville, and engage in epic boss battles against food foes like Pickle Burger. As you progress, you’ll unlock and play as different characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities, such as Chuck’s dash attack or Mandi’s double jump. Don’t forget to collect hidden collectibles and explore secret levels for extra challenges and rewards. Spend your hard-earned coins at Papa Louie’s shops to get useful upgrades and accessories to help you overcome the obstacles that lie ahead.

Visuals & Audio

Papa Louie 2 bursts with personality, thanks to its playful and cartoony art style. The game is filled with food puns and condiment-themed elements that will bring a smile to your face. From gooey cheese obstacles to ketchup-bottle enemies, the visuals are sure to keep you entertained. The upbeat soundtrack will have you bopping along to the bouncy beats, perfectly matching the cheery and inviting style of the game.

Tips for playing Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack Unblocked:

  • Use arrow keys or WASD to move Papa Louie left and right. Jump with the spacebar or up arrow.
  • Bounce on top of burgers or hit them with your hammer to defeat them.
  • Collect and throw food items like tomatoes, onions, and plates of spaghetti to hit enemies from a distance.
  • Break crates and barrels to find helpful power-ups like the Lollipop Hammer.
  • Rescue characters like Chuck and Mandi in the levels to unlock them as playable heroes, each with unique skills.
  • Equip badges earned from completing levels to gain abilities like Gliding and Climbing.
  • Find keys hidden in levels to unlock new paths and alternate routes.
  • Replay levels with different characters once unlocked for a fresh experience.
  • During boss fights, learn their patterns and wait for an opening before attacking.
  • Time your jumps carefully when navigating moving platforms and avoiding deadly pits.
  • Collect coins to spend at shops on upgrades like a bigger health meter and new outfits.
  • Search for hidden walls and use climbing skills to find secret areas.
  • Activate Character Specials by pressing Down + Attack when the meter has charged up.
  • Complete bonus objectives like defeating a high number of enemies to earn more rewards.

Embark on this fun-filled adventure with Papa Louie and his customers in Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack Unblocked. With its addictive gameplay, charming visuals, and humorous flair, this game is perfect for puzzle platformer fans of all ages. So grab your hammer and get ready to save the day!

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