Ragdoll characters in a physics-based game. Enjoy hilarious adventures and challenges with quirky gameplay.

Ragdoll – Meet the Wobbliest, Floppiest Daredevils Around in Ragdoll Challenge!

Get ready to laugh yourself silly with this game Challenge – the outlandish physics game where you guide a shaky hero through treacherous gauntlets that push ragdoll mechanics to the max!

In Ragdoll Challenge, you assume control of a wiggling, jiggling arm-flailer with all the poise of jelly. With limbs ready to detach at the slightest bump, guide your precious yet precarious daredevil through imaginative worlds packed with diabolical hazards.

Maneuver fragile frames over fragment-happy landscapes teeming with explosives, unstable structures, and springboards that launch faster than common sense can keep up. With spaghetti-strand athleticism, make seemingly impossible leaps between everyday obstacles now imbued with bouncy, topsy-turvy physics made for mischief.

Laugh, cringe, or bite your nails as your bendy braveheart is battered by breakneck demolition derbies against debris both mundane and malicious in nature. From toppling towers of tires to becoming a human cannonball, no this game gets left un-slammed in this wonkiest of gauntlets!

With charmingly wonky visuals, grab-bag obstacles, and dynamic physical comedy guaranteed to shock-drop jaws, Ragdoll Challenge brings the ruckus to physics party games.

Can your awkward acrobat set high score records catapulting into calamity? Find out by joining the fleet-footed yet supremely fault-prone in Ragdoll Challenge! Jelly-leg jubilance awaits in this topsy-turvy spoof ready to push your squishy steed’s luck well past the threshold of physical plausibility. Game on!

I aimed for a fun, hyperbolic tone to capture the excitement of guiding a loose-limbed character attempting absurd stunts. Please provide any feedback or adjustments needed!

Tips for playing the ragdoll physics game Ragdoll:


This game uses very simple controls. You primarily only need to make use of your mouse/touchscreen.
Click and hold anywhere on the ragdoll to grab it. The longer you hold, the tighter your grip.
While grabbing the ragdoll, drag your mouse/finger to maneuver the body.
You can grab and twist individual limbs to make the ragdoll flail around in funny ways.
Letting go of the mouse/finger will release the ragdoll from your grip.

The goal is to get the ragdoll from the start point to the goal while dealing with physics objects like platforms, springs, see-saws, etc.
Think ahead a few bounces and use momentum to your advantage. If you fling the ragdoll off a spring at the right angle, you can sometimes reach the goal in one toss.
Don’t be afraid to experiment and fail! Part of the challenge and fun is watching the ragdoll crash and stumble through levels.
Certain objects like cannons, fans, trampolines, and more have specific effects to leverage. See what works and what creates chaos.
Completely ragdolling and not resisting the physics rarely works well. You need to guide the floppy body.
I hope these tips give you a better idea of manipulating objects and puzzling your way through Ragdoll’s chaos! Let me know if any other game questions come up!