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Penalty Kick Online


Penalty Kick Online: Test your soccer skills with precise penalty shots in this exciting online game! Aim for the goal and score!

Penalty Kick Online – After a hard fought contest, the teams remain deadlocked. The referee points to the penalty spot – now is your time to step up and cement your legacy! In the pressure cooker moments, legends are born. A lifetime of preparation has led to this. The crowd hushes and the weight is all on you. Seize the moment!

Immersive yourself in the drama of match-deciding shootouts in Penalty Kick Online. Select any club team from a roster of officially licensed giants like Real Madrid, Santos and Manchester United. Customize your slayer – from dynamic boots to iconic haircuts – then carry the dreams of thousands on your shoulders!

When the whistle blows, shut out the deafening roar and shoot with conviction! Time striking motions perfectly to stroke shots top shelf or blast them hard and low. Outguess world class keepers on the dive. Jubilantly celebrate slick finishes that ripple the back of the net!

Battle through tournaments and predict the actions of ruthless AI opponents in sudden death rounds where focus is key. As each match raises the stakes, summon big game mentality to conquer cramping nerves and cement your legacy!

The spotlight awaits in Penalty Kick Online! Amidst the pressures of the grandest stage, can you launch your career with a championship winning kick? Become the hero your team needs when it matters most!

How to play guide for Penalty Kick Online:

Getting Started

Choose your team and customize your player. Select player handedness.
Familiarize yourself with the controls. Use arrow keys to aim, spacebar/ctrl to add/decrease power, and enter to shoot.
Kicking Tips

Aim for the corners to make it harder for the keeper. Be less predictable.
Adjust power based on distance. More power is needed for top corner shots.
Time your shots. Strike the ball when the kicking meter is in the green zone.
Game Modes

Practice Mode: hone your skills against different keepers.
Tournament Mode: compete in a bracket against computer AI or other players.
Two Player Mode: go head-to-head against another player on the same device.

Match objective varies based on game mode. Games can be decided by most goals in a match, most goals over multiple rounds, or via a sudden death shootout.
Earn coins to unlock new player avatars, stadiums, balls and other customization.
Perform under pressure and lead your team to victory! Outsmart the keeper and master the perfect penalty kick.