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Megaman Zero Alpha


Megaman Zero Alpha

Megaman Zero Alpha is the latest addition to the beloved Megaman Zero series. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this game follows the heroic Reploid Zero as he battles through a futuristic landscape filled with dangers, viruses, and formidable enemies.

Uncover a Thrilling Story

In Zero Alpha, humans and Reploids have formed a fragile society after the apocalypse. However, a mysterious computer virus is infecting Reploids, driving them insane and violent. Zero embarks on a mission to unravel the source of this virus and restore peace.

Throughout his journey, Zero will reunite with old allies like Ciel and the Resistance, while also facing off against new and deadly Maverick bosses corrupted by the virus. The lines between good and evil blur as Zero uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to shatter the fragile peace between humans and Reploids.

Thrilling Gameplay

Zero Alpha retains the core 2D action platformer gameplay of its predecessors while introducing enhanced combat mechanics. Players can expect:

  • High-speed swordplay and ranged buster combat
  • The ability to steal weapons and abilities from defeated bosses
  • Upgraded dash, air dash, and wall kick maneuvers
  • Varied mission objectives beyond just reaching the end
  • Branching level paths with secrets and challenges to discover
  • Customizable chips to modify Zero’s stats and abilities
  • Intense boss battles against unique Maverick enemies

Zero Alpha aims to recapture the intense challenge and replay value that made the Mega Man Zero series a fan favorite while introducing new innovative gameplay elements.

Exciting Features

  • HD 2D graphics with detailed sprites and environments
  • Remastered soundtrack featuring both new and returning music tracks
  • Unlockable art gallery, music player, and difficulty modes
  • New Game+ for additional playthroughs with carried-over upgrades
  • Online leaderboards for speed run and score attack modes

This game offers an epic new tale in the iconic action series, providing both new players and diehard fans with an unforgettable gaming experience. Prepare yourself for the ultimate challenge as you step into the shoes of the legendary Zero!

How to Play Megaman Zero Alpha


  • Utilize Zero’s agile dash and air dash moves to dodge enemy fire and gain better positioning
  • Study enemy attack patterns to know when it’s safe to strike back with your Z-Saber sword
  • Steal weapons from bosses to exploit enemy weaknesses
  • Perform melee combos by juggling enemies in the air
  • Upgrade Zero’s health, weapon power, and other stats using Cyber-Elf companions


  • Pay close attention to your surroundings and search for hidden paths, items, and shortcuts
  • Use Zero’s wall kick ability to reach higher ledges and areas
  • Revisit previous levels after gaining new weapons to discover alternate routes
  • Complete optional challenges like target practice or time trials for bonus rewards
  • Thoroughly explore each area to find valuable upgrade chips for customizing Zero


  • Analyze each boss’s attack patterns during the initial phase of the fight
  • Identify vulnerabilities and openings to strike, such as weak points after attacks
  • Utilize ranged buster fire from a distance when it’s unsafe to engage in close combat
  • Experiment with stolen weapons to discover the most effective ones
  • Retreat and heal when low on health, seizing opportunities to restore vitality


  • Farm easier enemies for currency to purchase healing items if you find yourself stuck
  • Play on beginner difficulty for your first playthrough to familiarize yourself with the mechanics
  • Unlock harder modes like Maverick Mode, which offers bonuses such as retaining EX skills between levels
  • Take advantage of assists like auto-healing and projectile deflection for a challenging but manageable experience

With practice, mastery of Zero’s skills, and strategic upgrading and customization, you’ll become an unstoppable force on the battlefield! Stay patient, observe your foes carefully, and never give up!

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