Powerline io: Multiplayer neon snake game where you grow your line to dominate the arena against other players.

Powerline io – Overview Powerline io is a free-to-play, multiplayer online battle arena game released in 2022 for PC and mobile devices. Players take control of electricity bolt avatars and battle for dominance on a dynamic powerline grid.

Gameplay The goal in Powerline io is to zap and eliminate enemy bolt avatars while avoiding getting hit yourself. Matches take place on evolving powerline maps filled with nodes and branches for cover.

Players move their bolt up, down, left, and right along the powerlines to chase down opponents. Direct hits from your bolt’s electricity attack reduces enemies’ health. Power-ups like damage boosts and lightning strikes randomly spawn to gain advantages.

The play zone shrinks over time, forcing bolts closer together into intense, last-bolt-standing action. The last bolt alive wins the match. Players earn XP and unlock new abilities, skins, emotes and more as they level up.

Modes Quick Match – Fast-paced free-for-all Ranked – Compete on the global leaderboards Clans – Team up for 2v2 or 4v4 clan battles Challenges – Daily quests and puzzles

Customization Players can customize their bolt with unlockable skins, effects, victory dances, and taunt animations. Show off your style in the arena.

With its competitive, skill-based gameplay, evolving powerline arenas, and electrifying action, Powerline io introduces a shocking new experience to fans of multiplayer online battle arenas.

How to play guide for Powerline io:


Move: WASD or arrow keys
Place pole: Left mouse click
Place wire: Click on 2 poles to connect
Use powerups: Number keys 1-4

Connect as many poles with wires as possible without overlapping other players’ lines. Claim territory to score points.

Magnet: Attracts points orbs
Smoke Bomb: Obscures nearby enemy view
Freeze: Stops enemy in their tracks
Dynamite: Destroys enemy poles & wires

Gain XP for poles placed and wires connected
Earn points for territory controlled at the end
Player with the most points wins the round

Act quickly to claim the best spots
Use powerups to sabotage your competitors
Don’t overlap wires or you will lose points
Level up to unlock skins and new powerups
Compete in intense, arcade-style wire battles! Outwit and outbuild your rivals to become the supreme Line Lord!