Zombs Royale: Dive into the ultimate battle royale experience! Loot, fight, and survive to be the last one standing in this intense multiplayer game!

Zombs Royale – Overview ZombsRoyale is a free-to-play, top-down 2D battle royale game developed and published by End Game Studios. Released in 2018, ZombsRoyale stands out in the genre with its fast-paced zombie survival gameplay presented in a fun cartoon art style.

Gameplay 100 players parachute onto a large map and must scavenge for weapons, ammo, and medical supplies while surviving against both enemy players and zombies. Players can build structures to take cover and set up traps as the play zone shrinks. The last player standing wins the chicken dinner!

Defeating zombies earns you coins to purchase air strikes and other tactical advantages. There is a wide variety of weapons to suit different playstyles. Useful powerups also spawn in the map for boosts.

Modes Solo – Battle royale free-for-all Duos – Team up in groups of 2 Squads – Play in teams of 4 Zombie Royale – PvE mode against zombie hordes

Progression Players earn coins and experience during matches to unlock new character customization options, weapons, and upgrades. Deep progression allows you to customize your playstyle.

With the added zombie element, construction mechanics, and fun cartoon visuals, ZombsRoyale puts a unique twist on the oversaturated battle royale genre. The gameplay is accessible yet challenging as you master survival skills against both enemies and zombies.

Tips for playing Zombs Royale:

  • On starting, quickly loot buildings and chests for weapons, ammo, medkits and other items. Finding a gun should be your first priority.
  • Keep moving and avoid staying in one area for too long. The playzone shrinks gradually over time, so you need to stay ahead of it.
  • Build walls, floors and ramps to reach high ground or create cover during firefights. Harvest materials by breaking furniture and trees.
  • Crouch or go prone when shooting for better accuracy at a distance. Make yourself a smaller target.
  • Flank enemies and attack from the side or behind when possible. Use stealth to take them by surprise.
  • Use bandages, medkits and shield potions frequently to heal and maintain high health. Don’t get caught injured.
  • Mark enemies with the ping system to call them out to teammates. Communication is key.
  • Attach scopes, grips etc. to improve your weapons. Upgrade your weapons whenever possible.
  • Defeat zombies to earn coins to unlock powerups like air strikes. Use powerups strategically.
  • Stick and coordinate with teammates combining skills. Work together to take down groups.
  • Learn the map hotspots and predict the playzone shrinks so you can adapt.
  • Balance looting, building, shooting and survival mechanics to outlast all other players.

Gaining experience will help improve your skills over time. The key is mastering the blend of battle royale and zombie survival gameplay that makes this game unique.